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  1. amrut
    amrut at | | Reply

    HI Harsh,
    I really appreciates your articles on the Umbraco. Just would like to understand are you in process of writing blogs for the remaining articles. I could only find 3 parts.


  2. Kai Hirst
    Kai Hirst at | | Reply


    whens the next part of this article coming up? Eager to start using Visual Studio Fro Umbraco Development….

  3. Evil
    Evil at | | Reply


    really interesting but I get errors follow the instructions.
    My need is to integrate existing ASP.Net MVC 5 wrb app into Umbraco CMS.
    My goal is to focus on development while let non technical users to mantain contents with the CMS.

    I have devoped something like 15 pages (not too much but with pretty complex logic) using MVC 5 and Angularjs.
    How can I integrate those pages in Umbraco? I’ve readed that it doesn’t support MVC 5 yet but in your article it seems to work.

    Does it require a lot of effort?


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